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2 minute (the middle two are 1 minute ones) figure drawings 🙂


There isn’t much improvement however my drawing speed has increased 😐 . I used to struggle to draw a pose in 2 minutes, now I can generally get the gesture done in one minute (unless it’s an unusual pose like the one below 😥 ) and use the remaining time to add details. i4.png

I still have problems with shoulders and sometimes feet and hands :/

Art, Figure Drawing

Featured image is misleading?.. I know that!

Disregarding the absurd heading, moving on to registering progress.

Blocking major shapes should be the first part of any drawing. Then placing shapes relative to the major shapes becomes much easier. Something so simple and logical should come to you naturally but one never thinks about such stuff when drawing (at least till now I never did!).

Below are the some of the drawings that aren’t good in the line quality and limb placement. The main problem is that I started top down on these i.e drawing head, upper limbs then the torso and then the legs. failed1.pngfailed.pngFor the drawings below I went for drawing major masses of the body i.e chest and hips first, then the head, after that placed limbs relative to the torso.good1good2.pnggood1.png



The line quality is still horrible but the figures turned out nice I think. [Note to self: Ellipses usually serve as a good base, but for muscular body types (usually males) blocky shapes are better]


Art, Figure Drawing

Need more.. MORE.. MOAR!! practice..

More of the 2 minute sketches, this time with white background so they don’t look epic like the footer image does. Don’t know why but reversing colour enhances the sketches.


and to make myself feel bad -_-3

This ends my practice for today, btw here’s the reference imageaf.pnghope I don’t get in trouble for this. You know copyright and stuff. If my handwriting is illegible it’s from :). Cool site if you ask me.

Art, Figure Drawing

Figured out something..

So it congratulated me for writing 5 posts o.O

More of the shitty 2 minute drawings .. 1

Then ..2.png

Did ya see the ellipses properly defining the contour of the figure? So convenient aren’t they? and they look nice too.. I am happy 🙂

Exaggerating the idea, need more practice I think.3.png

Thinking of moving this to tumblr, since that place is better for registering progress -_-.